lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Loving Elijah Pairing: Orilijah

Loving Elijah

Pairing: Orlando/Elijah

Pure PWP!

This is not true.It never happened!

Dedicated to Arabia!You know why!

Betaed by Mews!You are amazing!

Elijah is panting and moaning as Orlando thrusts into him again and again.Orli pounds into him so hard with each thrust that the headboard slams into the wall with a thump.

" Does that feel good?" Orlando gasps as he pushes in harder.

The pleasure is building so fast in Elijah he can't speak. He can only feel.

Orlando pulls all the way out and pushes in hard." Baby," He gasps" I'm going to come."

" Me too,' moans Elijah.I can't last much longer."

Orlando takes Elijah in his hand and starts to stroke him and a moment later they come together.


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