lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah Crossdressing fic

Title:Possessing Elijah
Rating:NC-17 for sex
This is not true it never happened.
They have an established relationship.
This is dedicated to primula_baggins she wanted a cross dressing Elijah fic. I have him driving Dom mad with lust.
betaed by the amazing mews1945 and also mon_ami_runa You guys both *rock*

Dom walks into his and Elijah's bedroom and stops breathing from the sexy, stunning vision in front of him. He feels all of the blood leave his head and rush southward, and he grabs the dresser before he embarrasses himself by passing out. Dom's eyes travel over Elijah form taking in his black wig that just touches passes his shoulders and the expertly done makeup. He gasps when looking at the bright blue silk shirt tucked primly into the black mini skirt. Dom is so turned on he is frozen in pace, he licking suddenly dry his lips as Elijah starts to walk towards him, seductively swaying his slim hips with each step. The skirt moves a little to reveal the thigh highs and the high heels show off his slim legs to perfection. Dom says "I want you to keep those thigh shoes and stockings on when I take you."

Elijah looks at him from under lowered eyelashes and purrs, “Anything for you Dom," as he pulls Dom's mouth to his for a breath stealing kiss. Elijah deepens the kiss after a moment and as their tongues caress each other, they rub their bodies together until Elijah pulls back to whisper," I'm not wearing any underwear though."

Dom shoves him against the wall, pushing him up until he can wrap his legs around his waist. Dom's mouth moves from Elijah's lips to his neck, possessively sucking a faint purple bruise on his tender skin. Dom moves his hands down Elijah's body to raise his skirt higher and starts to thrust his hips against Elijah's own as his hand finds his naked cock and starts to work him, with fast steady strokes. Dom's mouth moves from Elijah's neck to his chest, torturing the nipples with slow licks. Dom pauses to suck on his fingers and then slowly slid them inside Elijah's tight, willing body. He starts to stretch him open, scissoring his fingers deep inside Elijah, causing Elijah to groan with the pleasure increasing inside him.

Dom finishes preparing Elijah and as slowly as he can pushes inside his relaxed body. He begins to slide in and out at a slow steady rhythm then quickly speeds up and changes his angle to hit Elijah's prostate with every thrust of his hips. Dom groans and screams Elijah's name as he comes deep inside his body. He falls to his knees to lick and suck Elijah until he comes drinking every last drop, licking his lips he stands up.

"That was brilliant Dom, I think I should dress as a woman more often."

"Hell I don't know about that. It was as hot as hell, but I'm not sure if my heart could take this very often." Dom leans over to kiss Elijah softly on his lips.

"Well,"Elijah says. "There's one way to find out."


Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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