lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco drabble

Word Count:100
Warnings:Absolutely none
Summery:Harry tries very hard to get the truth out of the stubborn Slytherin Prince.
Disclaimer:No I do not own them *darn* but I own Tom body and soul ;)
betaed nope and so sorry for that...

Harry slowly walked toward Draco,breathing in his scent as he whispered in Draco's ear,"You want me,admit it."

"No, I don't you're a git."

"Liar," he raised his hand,lightly trailed his finger tips over Draco's high cheekbones and down to the pulse in his throat,he felt it throb under his hand. "You need me, admit it."

"You wish, you're a git."

"Liar," Harry pressed his body against Draco's, his mouth brushed against the softness of Draco's teasing,tasting him. "You love me, admit it."

"Never would a Malfoy fall for a git."


"Yes...and Slytherin."
Tags: harry/draco

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