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Harry/Scorpius drabbles

Title:Watch You Come Undone
Fandom:Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Bonus: Yes-Love
Word Count:200
Challenge: # 16-pink/red
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for graphic sex and language,Warnings would be for voyeurism
Summary/Other InfoHarry and Scorpius are making love on the desk at Malfoy Manor and assume they are unobserved.
Diclaimer:I really really wish they were mine all mine. I do own Tom though body and soul ;)
betaed by no one so sorry for that...

Scorpius gasped and arched under Harry as Harry moved inside him,possessing,taking everything from his body. Scorpius clenched his inner walls around Harry's thick cock deep inside him, his eyes rolled back in his head as he rubbed their sweat slicked chests together.

Harry paused to watch the emotion all over his expressive lovers face, he smiled at the pink flush on Scorpius's cheeks as he leaned down to softly kiss the side of his mouth. "I love you Scorpius" he breathed as Harry slowly pulled almost all the way out to slam back inside his lovers hot hole.

Scorpius whispered"I love you so much Harry" as he wrapped his ankles around Harry's waist the hard desk digging into his back.

Harry angled his thrusts as he rubbed over and over the small bundle of nerves inside his lovers arse. He loved to watch his lover come undone underneath him writhing and thrashing,completely loosing control. Harry's heart felt like it would burst inside his chest as the sweat rolled over his skin, his legs felt the burn of strain.

"Fuck, your mine."

"Yes always yours Harry."

Draco watched them together frozen, red blood fell from his palms.
Tags: harry/scorpius

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