lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Draco/Harry drabble

Title: One Demanding Lover
Fandom:Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Draco
Bonus: Nope
Challenge: # 16-pink/red
Rating/Warnings:NC-17 for sex and language, with just a warning for hot boy sex.Pure PWP
Disclaimer:I don't own them JKR does but I own Tom body and soul ;)
Summary/Other InfoDraco takes his turn on top with lots of filthy language thanks to bleedforyou1 for the prompt of dirtest dirty talk,ever. :)

"Fuuuuuuuck...Merlinyesohfuckyes" whinned Harry as he slammed backward on Draco's hot throbbing cock.

"I fucking own you and your hot tight arse!" snarled Draco as he pulled almost all the way out to slam back balls deep inside Harry's gasping,slick hole.

Harry's eyes rolled back in his head, he gripped the silk sheets in his hands as he screamed,"Fucking hell,yes Draco fuck... give it to me faster,deeper...harder" Harry demanded.

Draco snarled,"Fuck" as he angled his hips and dragged his prick over Harry's prostate. Draco watched as his cock pounded into Harry's pink, greedy hole.
Tags: harry/draco

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