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31 January 2011 @ 10:37 pm
One of the sexiest vampire story's ever a must read!  
Title: Intended(Parts 1 and 2)
Author/Artist: ladyvader
Word Count: 16,896
Summary: Harry is deliberately infected with Vampirism in order to make him crave a mate, Draco's not all that keen on being craved though.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: UTTERLY UNBETA'D... total ignorance of plot & canon, with bad language and SLASH! Flee li'l homophobes... Fleeeeeeeeeeee
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters from the Harry Potter books and films do not belong to me in any way and I'm making no money out of this shameless warping of their characters for my own amusement. Please don't sue me... I've got widdle cats to feed dammit!!!!! ;)

Why I loved this: A different take on vampire fics with excellent characterization of both Harry and Draco and a very realistic, nicely done ending. This was simply one of the best vampire stories I have ever read the way it was written was brilliant and the sexy was so very hot.

I think I forgot to breath many times when reading this and spots danced around me as I took in the vivid description of a possessive Harry claiming his mate Draco *rawr* I'll need to read this one over and over and I suggest you read this if you haven't yet or read it again it's worth it. It made my gut twist and hurt almost clench in a good way though.

I fell down to worship her and you will want to do the same after you read this gem.

A small excerpt from the story...Draco had felt an awful twist then, like the roll of his own nausea but edged with something sharper, more visceral as he looked upon the writhing brunet and his trembling had increased as he noted that even in his pain and his almost blindness, the Gryffindor was still moving forward, crawling in tiny, incremental jerking motions. Moving towards Draco.

He’d wanted to run, wanted to scream but he hadn’t moved, didn’t so much as breathe as he watched the other boys agonised actions. He couldn’t have been doing what Draco dreaded but still he had crawled forward and Draco’s sigh of relief had been echoed by the surrounding crowd as Dumbledore had quickly stunned the boy, leaving him slumped and finally peaceful against the stone floor.
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queen of pain: vampire diaries: reading is sexyn_isfor_neville on February 1st, 2011 05:42 am (UTC)
Harry, Draco, and vampires... three of my favorite things. Saving to read later. :)
lijahlover: Draco with Harry-GUH!!!lijahlover on February 1st, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
The hottest fic you will love it XD
White Rabbitt: Angeluslather2002 on February 1st, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC)
A Short Story I was working on but never finished ';=p
She squeezed her slender frame of a body through the crowd feeling her anger rise within her as thoughts of moments before fell around her. The sound of the band coupled with the mangled voices that seemed to dissipate into a mindless babble coupled with the smoke made her gasp for a reason as she fought to break away. Just what seemed like only a heartbeat before vanished without a trace of hope. Behind she could feel what was now lost and yet she had no desire to turn. She only had one thought playing in her head and that was reaching for the exit and breaking free. As she struggled forth she could sense that tears were now caressing her cheeks. Her chest became tight and her breathing short. She could see the exit sign above the door and anticipated the cool night air. Suddenly she felt someone grab her waist and before she could react, was swung around facing this stranger that bent down as he drew her close. She instinctively felt her hand become a fist and her arm swiftly brought it violently against this strangers nose. It felt surreal like as her fist made made contact. The crack of his nose was muffled by the noise that surrounded her and the blood seemed to float slowing through space as it shot from his nose. As he stumbled back from the blow she made it to the door pushing it open with all of her being. She never broke her pace as she turned and ran towards her right, past the drunk passed out against the building. She ran feeling the soles of her boots pounding the gritty pavement beneath her, not stopping until she could no longer hear any sound other than her own breathing. As she slowed to a stop she felt a chill, a presence of something dark. As she took hold of her being she suddenly became aware of the dark figure that stood before her. She started to back away but there was no escape as he lifted his cape engulfing her slender figure within his shadow and as she felt herself being lifted she attempted to scream. But all that she could do was hear herself in her own mind as she felt herself being entranced and the cold skin of his lips upon her breast and feel the sting of his teeth as they silently and swiftly sunk into her flesh. She felt her will become his, she felt her passion overcoming reason wrapping herself around his form as they slowly rose above the ground into the night.
lijahlover: Do not meddle with slasherslijahlover on February 1st, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
Re: A Short Story I was working on but never finished ';=p
This was very hot and I really like that last line *yummy*