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H/D Parseltongue fic Part Three

Torment Me Part Three
Warnings:Parseltongue and sex in this part also some language.
betaed by the wonderfulmon_ami_runa

Draco speaks french and the translation is on the bottom of the page. Parseltongue is in italics. *hugs*

Draco whispers a spell and Harry's arms are tied down with silk scarves and a blindfold covers his beautiful green eyes. The silken scarves feel cool on his wrists and tighten as Harry pulls on them, futilely. But he feels safe and secure with Draco there with him, his weight pinning him down. Harry breathes Draco's scent in, loving the musky scent of his arousal and slightly sweaty skin. Draco's lips lightly caress Harry's, causing Harry to gasp and open his mouth. Draco runs his tongue over Harry's playfully then tenderly works his tongue inside his mouth, mapping his sensitive gums and teeth thoroughly, causing Harry to thrash and strain against his bindings, offering up his body for Draco to feast on.

Harry's sexy hisses in Parseltongue are driving Draco insane with need and desire for him. Harry spreads his legs further open on the bed allowing Draco to press his body in closer and start a steady grind with his hips, working Harry into a frenzy.

Draco whispers," Je veux te entendre crier mon nom en ton petite mors" Draco works his way down Harry's body, kissing his stomach and working his way lower. He takes him in his mouth, causing Harry to buck his hips up and yell,"Fuck me, take me, I'm going to explode soon." Draco moves his way up Harry's sweat slick skin, pausing to suck and lick on Harry's nipples. Draco takes his time, slowly working his way further up to Harry's mouth.

Draco whispers a lubrication and stretching spell, he slides deep inside Harry's tight, hot opening and starts a maddening fast, almost brutal pace, with each thrust hitting Harry's prostate. "I'm going to come soon, Draco," screams Harry as he comes.

Draco hears his name and speeds up knowing he won't last much longer." Tu es tellement merveilleux" purrs Draco as he comes deep inside Harry's body. Harry's body shivers at the sexy French sounds of the words pouring out of Draco's lips. Draco whispers a cleaning spell and they fall, gasping for breath beside each other after Draco releases Harry, rubbing the tension out. They lightly run their fingers tenderly over each other faces, mapping out each others eyebrows and lips. Draco tenderly smiles up at Harry and sighs.

"I love you so much my luv," whispers Draco softly.

"I love you too Draco." Draco kisses Harry tenderly and soon they both fall asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

1.I want to hear you scream my name when you come.
2.You feel so fucking amazing, Harry.

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