lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

H/D Fic : Please

Summary:This is set in an abandoned classroom on their lunch break. They are hot for each other.
They are not underage.
betaed by the amazingmon_ami_runa Thanks so much:D

Draco waits in the deserted dim, Grey, dusty classroom for Harry to join him. 'We don't have long before lunch is over,' mutters Draco.

The door opens then closes, seemingly without anyone entering with a sound of silky cloth slipping to the floor, seconds later Harry removes his invisibility cloak with a shy grin.

Draco hears movement as the invisibility cloak hits the floor, and turns towards him as it lands in a heap behind Harry. "I wanted to make sure I wasn't followed" whispers Harry as he walks towards Draco dropping his clothes one by one, on the floor with each step.

Draco quickly mimics Harry striping off his clothes, feeling a sense of urgency as they didn't have very long. His eyes never look away from Harry's own burning emerald eyes. Draco licks his lips at the anticipation of their kiss.

Harry says,"Let me" as he runs his tongue delicately over Draco's luscious, full, tempting lips, causing him to gasp at the sensation of Harry's tongue teasing and tantalising him.

Draco pulls Harry's slim, gorgeous body close to him. "I want to posses you, body and soul," he whispers as he presses him to the hard surface of the desk.

Harry pulls Draco on top of him, "Take me, please."

Draco kisses every inch of Harry's face, tenderly, lovingly. In return Draco teases Harry's tongue playfully with his and they pull back to gasp for much needed air.

Draco stops kissing Harry to lick and suck on Harry's neck, making Harry moan and thrust his hips upwards against Draco. He manages to rasp out that they don't have much time.

Draco sucks on his fingers and slowly slides them inside of Harry's tight opening as he feels him start to relax he whispers a lubrication spell to help ease his way deep inside of his lover.

"Take me, hard and fast," Harry pants. "I want you to brand me as yours."

"Always mine," growls Draco.

"Always yours," replies Harry.

Draco slams inside Harry, pounding him into the hard surface of the desk, he sets up a fast, steady rhythm, pounding into him over and over. He changes his angle to find Harry's prostate with each almost brutal thrust of his hips. Harry scrapes his nails down Draco's sweaty back, causing him to groan and shiver.

The sweat is pouring down their bodies, making their skin slide easily against each others.

Draco grasps Harry's cock in his hand and starts to firmly stoke him. "I want to feel you come deep inside of me, baby," Harry says as he starts to suck on Draco's neck. Draco thrusts a few more times then comes inside Harry's body. Draco pulls Harry to his feet and falls to his knees to take Harry in his mouth. He pleasures him with his lips and tongue until Harry comes down his throat. he drinks it all down, licking his lips he stands up and smirks at him.

"I think we should tell our friends about us," says Draco. "It's more than just sex, I love you Harry."

"I love you too, Draco, I agree let's tell our friends tonight at the Slytherin party." Draco tenderly presses his lips to Harry's softly and sweetly.

The bell rings

Harry yells. "Were late for class." They both quickly get up and dressed to run out the door.

Tags: harry/draco, lijahlover

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