lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Happy Froday(Friday)

I just realized not to long ago that it's Froday so happy Froday everyone. I hope you all can stay warm on this bitter cold day. I paid someone 20 dollars to shovel our driveway today. I enjoyed getting that done so easily for Mr.lijahlover.

Lets enjoy these hot men on this cold day of winter.

The first one is our prettiest of Hobbits *g*

me Pictures, Images and Photos

The second is our sexiest Wizard next to Tom (were we want him). *g*

harry potter Pictures, Images and Photos

tom felton Pictures, Images and Photos

HARRY & DRACO Pictures, Images and Photos

Of coarse one of my personal favorite pics of them :)

Sexiness made by drangsseeker

He was asked if he was in love with Daniel LOL :)

I just adored these sets of pics of him at one of the preimiers kinda sexy yet buisness casual...

And now for Dommie ;)

Dominic Monaghan Pictures, Images and Photos

Dominic Monaghan Pictures, Images and Photos

Awwww Viggo so sexy :)

Now more Elijah and Daniel :)

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