lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

H/D fluff challenge:April picture Prompt

Title:This field
Challenge:April Picture prompt
Word Count:100
Picture under the cut
Rating:R for making out that will lead to sex
They don't belong to me unfortunately or things would be different in the books LOL:D
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine.

Tulip-H/D fluff prompt

Harry slowly presses Draco down onto the field of purple tulips. He kisses Draco with slow, deep, drugging kisses as his hands firmly caress every inch of Draco's slim, sexy body. They both start to pant and gasp for breath as they slowly remove each others clothing, baring their bodies.

Draco moans as he feels his sensitive nipples rub against Harry's sleek, muscular chest.

"Mm-mm," gasps Harry as his lips travel down Draco's throat sucking and nibbling his way to Draco's nipples. Harry whispers,"I want to take you now, in this field."

"Draco manages to whisper back,"Take me."

Tags: april prompt, harry/draco, lijahlover

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