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16 November 2010 @ 12:38 am
My wish list :)  
The Guidelines:

1. Make a post to your LJ. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from something simple and fandom-related to something really big. The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

2. Surf around your friends list to see who has posted their list. If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy.

3. There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

My Wish List:

1.Fanfiction:I would love Fanfiction fics,drabbles,poetry any length. What I enjoy reading is LOTR RPS My otp is Dom/Elijah and I also enjoy Orlando/Elijah,Viggo/Elijah,Karl/Elijah,Viggo/Orlando and Sean Bean/Orlando. I also enjoy Harry Potter: Harry/Draco and Harry/Ron. I also love Casey/Zeke from The Faculty.

2.Icons and pictures with Elijah,Dom,Daniel or Tom in them or Harry/Draco. I also love Seasonal icons and I can always use more icon space :)

3.Cards or postcards are wonderful for Christmas.

4.Chocolate not white but I adore Dark the most and Milk.

5.Books new and used I'm such a book lover. I love Horror,Suspense like Vampires and Romance novels.I don't have any M/M books like Great Restorations :)

6.Packets of Hot Chocolate I love mint and peppermint but most all kinds. Also regular and cinnamon candy-canes.

7.All kinds of crafty things

8.Wal-Mart or Target gift cards.

9.I love everything that has to do with Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe. If someone could figure out how to clone them LOLOLOLO!

10.Give someone you love a hug show some love to someone you care about. It's free and they will enjoy it.
Brissygirl: care to unwrap mebrissygirl on November 16th, 2010 11:53 am (UTC)
Put your name down for a Christmas card Here and tell me which kind of card you would like and one shall be winging it's way to you very soon. :)

I'm planning on getting them printed next week to start sending out. :o)

I know you like trying new things with recipes and stuff so I could include some recipe's with your card for you to try.
lijahlover: Chosen Two H/Dlijahlover on November 16th, 2010 04:03 pm (UTC)
Yes recipes for me are a great idea to send with my card. *hugs*

I do love that icon!
Jackiejackieville on November 16th, 2010 12:18 pm (UTC)
*squishes and loves*

Methinks you should be checking your mail this holiday season! I shall give you a head's up when I send your package. *g*
lijahlover: Cold November foglijahlover on November 16th, 2010 03:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you and I will give you a heads up when I send mine out to *smooshes*
simeysgirl: cwtchkjp_013 on November 16th, 2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
*hugs you*

If you wanted to send me your address, I can make some of your wishes come true! Or you could prompt me and I'll write you a little something x
lijahlover: Coming Home H/Dlijahlover on November 16th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
I sent you my addy but I will also prompt you so you can write me something or send me something it's up to you.

Harry/Draco:Sleigh rides and cuddling in front of a fire with a Marriage proposal oh and eating strawberries. I'm in a super fluffy Christmas mood. :)

If they have sex I'd like it to be top Draco please. You can also have M-Preg in there I adore that also. But that also is okay if it's not in it to. *hugs close*
Kittykitty_fic on November 16th, 2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
OOh, a nice and shiny wishlist! <3

lijahlover: Cup of tealijahlover on November 16th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
Yes I finally did one this year :)
honeyandvinegarhoneyandvinegar on November 16th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
This sounds fun! :D
lijahlover: Casey/Zekelijahlover on November 16th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC)
This does seem like it will be fun and I have enjoyed helping one friend already with a song link.

You noticed my #1 want is fanfiction like Casey/Zeke to fry my brain *hint hint* ;) *hugs close*
Kittykitty_fic on December 1st, 2010 08:12 am (UTC)
Gift!fic for you HERE!


lijahlover: A Latte to go pleaselijahlover on December 1st, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
I looooved my gift fic *g*
prone to mischieftreacle_tartlet on December 4th, 2010 09:52 am (UTC)
Merry Christmas, bebe :)
If you don't like them, pleae don't feel obliged to use them!

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title or description
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title or description
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title or description
lijahlover: Elijah in blue hoodielijahlover on December 5th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
Re: Merry Christmas, bebe :)
Ohhh I love them all they are beautiful thank you. After Christmas I'll be happy to use them :) *hugs*

I always love well most pictures of him but the ones with the Sunflower,hat and the last one are always personal favorites of mine :)

Edited at 2010-12-05 02:15 am (UTC)