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Drarry news!

I stole this from my friend oldenuf2nb I had to share this with you I'm flailing over it myself. I just thought you Drarry fans had to read this :D

Okay, so I'm listening to the podcast from comicon, where Melissa from the Leaky Cauldron and Andrew from Mugglenet talk about the new footage they got to see from Deathly Hallows. They also have a transcript from their interview with Tom Felton, and he's talking about scenes he filmed with Dan, and how close they had to be to each other's faces, and how during this one take, they were screwing around and pretended they were going to kiss one another.


Dear David Yates;

If you could find it in your heart to release the footage of Dan and Tom pretending they were going to kiss, I know a whole shit load of people who would pay for it.

A lot.



The Drarry Fandom.

ETA: Further quote attributed to Mr. Felton;

Andrew: So, what kind of film would you like to do next?

Tom: Oh, I don't know. Something like Brokeback Mountain, me and Dan.

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