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Domlijah porn :)

This is re-posted from 2008 :)

This is posted just in my LJ for my friends to enjoy. Cut for sex and language it has no plot to speak of. This is dedicated to my new LJ friend fienchen(Who I have known for quite awile) You *rock*
This has a begging and pleading Elijah with a possessive and demanding Dominic.

Title:Ride Me
Pure PWP :)


Dom in red-photobucket

Dom kissed the back of Elijah's neck and nibbled his way to his shoulder blades as he pulled almost all the way out of his tight opening and slowly pushed back deep inside Elijah.

"Fuck" hissed Elijah as he pressed back against Dom's hard thrusts.

"God" groaned Dom "You're so tight... I will ride you all night."

"Yes...please Dom"

Dom pulled Elijah's head back by his hair to run his tongue up Elijah's throat feeling him shiver.

Dom held on tight to Elijah's hips as he thrust harder into Elijah... slamming him up against the bed knocking the headboard into the wall over and over.

"Mm-mm, I'm coming soon" growled Dom in Elijah's ear as he came with a few more thrusts. He pulled Elijah around and dropped to his knees he ran his tongue up and down Elijah's throbbing length and quickly took him in his mouth.

Elijah screamed as he came down Dom's throat.
Tags: dom/lijah

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