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Torment Me Part 1 through 3

One more re-post this is from 2008

Title:Torment me
Warnings:Parseltongue, kissing and nibbling
This happens in 7th year. They aren't underage.
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine.
This is for severkaroguova I hope you like it hun.:D

Parseltongue is in italics.

Draco's gut twists as the sibilant tones of Harry's parseltonge wraps around his body causing him to shiver and moan in pleasure.

Harry whispers in his ear with a wicked smirk,"I love to feel you shiver and moan with desire for me." He starts to kiss and nibble on Draco's neck and collar bone working his sensitive, pale skin. "I want to feel you naked and writhing under me as I fuck you through the mattress. He starts to press Draco against the wall as he grinds his hips against Draco's, causing Draco to start to beg for more from his tormentor.

"Take me now, please Harry,"

"Soon, love, soon," It turns me on so much to hear you beg for me to take you."

They both press into the shadows when they hear someone approach.
Part Two

Tags: harry/draco

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