lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Fun in the Sun
Challenge:dracoharry100:Challenge #159 - Drift, blue, sand, surf, towel, salty, sun, sail, sea shell, fishy, bonfire, picnic.
Word Count:100
Warnings:None just silly fun *g*
Disclaimer:I didn't make up these guys or they would have fallen in love with each other in the books... LOL!
betaed by no one sorry for that and I used every word of the challenge so forgive me if it's to silly.

Harry sighed contently as he laid on the plush blue towel. He felt the sand and salty water drift over his toes as the sun burned down from the sky.

He looked around for his boyfriend and grinned as he watched Draco pick up a sea shell and put it next to his elaborate sand castle. "Harry...Can we go for a sail later and maybe have a picnic on board?"

"What about the bonfire later?" asked Harry.

"How about you teach me to surf tomorrow and we sail for a few hours now?"

"Brilliant idea ...Where is that fishy smell coming from?"

Draco smirked,"Honestly Harry it's from the ocean."
Tags: harry/draco

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