lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah drabble

One more re-post from awhile ago then I'll stop :)

Someone To Lay Down Beside Me

Dom/ Elijah

Rating: Adult

Beated by Mews!

Elijah really misses Dom!

Elijah lies alone in the dark,listening to the radio,when an old favorite song comes on. He loves the song," Someone To Lay Down Beside Me." He misses Dom so much that it hurts. Dom will be back in LA soon, but not soon enough for Elijah.

Dom has been gone a few weeks visiting his family in Europe. Elijah closes his eyes and pictures Dom, walking in the bedroom. Dom sets his bags down and moves to the bed. He takes his clothes off and joins Elijah. They reach out to each other. Dom and Elijah kiss, tongues thrusting in each others mouths, and run their hands all over each other, slowly.

Dom removes Elijah's black silk boxers.

" I want you to take me Dom," Elijah pants as Dom kisses his neck.

Elijah is really getting into his fantasy, as Dom walks in the door, home early. " Well" Dom says with a smirk." I'm so glad I came home a few days early."

" Me too!" pants Elijah," There's something I'd like you to help me out with."

Tags: dom/lijah

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