lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah drabble

I'm reposting this it's from a 2009 :)

Tile:Happy Birthday Elijah
Author: lijahlover
Warnings:None but hot oral sex.
Disclaimer:I wish this happened but it doesn't make it so ;)
betaed by the always wonderful mews1945 *hugs*

This is for hogwartsvixxen who asked for Elijah and Dom celebrating Elijah's birthday and for Dom to be naked on the bed with a red bow. *g* Enjoy this...

Elijah walked out of the steamy bathroom feeling better now that he'd had his shower. He was so happy being with Dom for his birthday. He froze as he slowly looked around the semi dark room. The candlelight illuminated the slim nude man on the bed, glowing on his pale skin. Elijah almost stopped breathing as he looked down and noticed the red bow wrapped around Dom's hard, pulsing cock.

He winked at Dom and dropped the towel, on the floor and then moved toward his lover, sprawled out and relaxed on their bed. His heart beat faster with desire at the look on Dom's face.

Dom smirked and said, "Make a wish Lij and blow out the candle."

Elijah crawled up the bed and licked his lips, then grinned at him. He stopped and used his hands to push Dom's legs further open. "Mm-mm...God...Dom," Elijah growled deep in his throat, causing Dom to shiver and tense his stomach muscles.

Elijah slowly leaned forward and pulled the bow off Dom's already hard cock with his teeth. He closed his eyes and smiled as he ran his tongue up the sensitive underside and felt Dom's cock twitch at the touch. Elijah wrapped his lips around Dom and started to lick and suck him and with his other hand he rubbed Dom's balls,gently.

"Fuck...." Dom drew his breath in a hiss as he arched up and tenderly caressed Elijah's face. "Damn...babe I love your mouth."

Elijah paused to look at Dom and grin at him as he winked. Then he bent and deep-throated him. He felt Dom's cock harden up more inside his mouth.

All too soon Dom groaned and gasped, "I'm going to come."

Elijah drank down every drop. Afterward, he crawled up Dom's body and laid his head down on Dom's chest, feeling the racing heartbeat under his ear.

"Well did your wish CUM true?" whispered Dom.

Elijah chuckled, warm and satisfied.

"I'll let you know once you're hard again.
Tags: dom/lijah

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