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2 Domlijah pwp drabbles :)

I got two reqests for Domlijah 100 word porn drabbles. The first one was for primula_baggins Who asked for How about Dom/Lijah. Kink: Lots of teasing, but never any
actual sex.

And the second one was for glamoursnipe And she asked for..Elijah and Dom making out, hot and heavy; Billy likes to watch..

If either of these sound good to you please read them they both loved their drabbles. :)

Rating:NC-17 for sex and language!
Word count:100 Each

This is a repost

Dom spread Elijah's legs open further as his mouth kissed his way up his inner thigh. He paused to nip the super sensitive flesh between his teeth.

"Fuck..." hissed Elijah as he arched up pulling on his bond hands.

"Mm-mm...yes love soon..I need to taste more of you." Dom lowered his head and teased Elijah's cock with the tip of his tongue tasting his pre-come. "You are delicious" he purred as he swallowed his cock.

"God..damn" screamed Elijah as he arched his body up off the mattress.

"I'll fuck you with my tongue now." promised Dom.


Dom rolled on top of Elijah and pressed his body down on top of him. He ran the tip of his tongue over Elijah's upper and lower lip as he tasted and devoured Elijah's mouth.

Elijah pulled Dom's shirt up as he scrapped his nails slowly down Dom's back.

"Yes.." groaned Dom as he nipped Elijah on the side of his neck.

"Mark me love" begged Elijah. "I want you to brand me."

"What about the movie?"

"Fuck the movie Dom"

"I'd rather fuck you." he smirked as he started to grind their erections together.

"Please... fuck him" panted Billy.
Tags: dom/lijah

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