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SeanB/Elijah Fic!

Title:I'm yours
Rating:Nc-17 for sex and language!
Warnings:Rimming and cursing
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!
This is forsaura_:She asked for SeanB/Elijah and Sex! I hope you like it hun!:D

This banner is by summershobbit:Thanks!:D

Elijah and Sean-summershobbit

Sean drags Elijah into the bedroom and slams the door shut with his foot. He presses his mouth to Elijah's, shoving his tongue inside, desperate to taste him. He quickly strips Elijah's and his clothes off as his hands roam over Elijah's pale, firm body. He backs him up to the bed and pushes him down on the cool, satin sheets. He crawls up him, kissing and sucking his neck, running his tongue up his throat, he scrapes his teeth over his sensitive neck, causing Elijah to gasp and moan for more.

Elijah grabs Sean's hair and tugs on it as he drags his head back up to kiss him. He trusts his tongue inside his mouth, tasting him. "I need you inside me soon, fucking me, claiming me, he growls as he thrusts his hips up into Sean's.

Sean smirks at how needy and desperate Elijah is for him. "Soon, gorgeous, soon," he promises, as he works his way slowly down his chest, pausing to lick and suck on his nipples. "You taste so fucking amazing, I could devour you whole."

"I fucking hope so," pleads Elijah as he pushes his head down his shivering body.

Sean kisses his stomach, then takes him in his mouth, deep throating Elijah, he swirls his tongue over the head and runs it up the underneath of his sensitive cock, he starts to work his fingers inside, stretching him open.

Elijah thrusts his hips up and grips the headboard with his hands. "Please fucking take me soon."

Sean moves down further and works his tongue inside Elijah"s tight opening, moving paste the rim, he starts to fuck him with his tongue. His tongue laves deep inside his walls hitting his prostate with every stroke of his wicked, clever tongue. Sean is barely holding on to not take Elijah and claim him for his own right now.

Elijah comes from the overwhelming sensations of Sean's tongue deep inside him, devouring him.
Sean moves up his body, slowly to drive Elijah mad with lust and desire. He shoves inside his loosened opening, pounding in him over and over again, causing the headboard to slam into the wall with each thrust.

"I want you to come deep inside me, Sean," gasps Elijah. "I belong only to you."

"Yes, you're mine, only mine," moans Sean as he comes deep inside Elijah's body.

Sean collapses on Elijah, gasping for air. "I love you so fucking much, Elijah."

"I love you too Sean," he says as he lightly, tenderly caresses his back.

"Lets stay in and do this all night."

"I'll need some time to rest," Sean teases, "I'm an old man."

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