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Cool results!

This is interesting and true :)

Your result for Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test...

You are a Were-Wolf!

40% wolf, 30% rat, 40% horse, 40% tiger, 30% leopard, 30% fox and 30% bear!

Wolves are predators, but unlike many predators they are also pack animals. Legend has them as being the original were animal.

Wolves are very expressive. They have distinct faces they make that are easily read to show what they are thinking or feeling. They use facial and body language as well as yips and yowls to communicate exactly what they want.

Wolves are dedicated to their mates. They will groom each other, travel together, and sleep side by side. They also join their scents so that other wolves know that they are taken. Wolves in a pack protect one another.

As a were-wolf you will be on the hunt for as many as 20 miles, but you won't have to hunt alone.

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