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Thank you :)

Well I had a good birthday thanks in a large part to you guys. You guys are the best f-list I could wish for.

My hubby took me out to eat and we went to watch the movie Inglorious bastards. It was interesting and unusual but we enjoyed it. Quentin Tarantino is a genius weird but a genius. Most genius's are a little odd.

I'm looking forward to going on E-bay and spending my birthday money. :)

I have so many long days this week that I'll be very busy. I can't wait for this week to already be over. LOL

Thanks again for the one year lj paid account nursedarry I can't thank you enough really *squishes*

annywyn55 made me this lovely icon Image and video hosting by TinyPic I adore it :)

Also thanks to nolagal facecat hppyflwr mahmfic for the cute virtual gifts.

Thanks for my pictures,graphics and well wishes I loved all of them. mews1945 harukameko rinnuninnu hypnotized_moon julie_wigg faithwood huffizm illunis_lair frolijah_fan_54brumeux77 elijahs_mumble kittie8571 aldehyde girlofavalon norwegianeyes glamoursnipe jackieville tomato18 barmy_bunk yenny2206 lovesmymovement and nursedarry

I'll post more another day. Let me know if I missed you but I'll post gift fics later. *hugs*
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