lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Orlijah Prompt # 2 Rain

Falling Rain Part Two
Rating:NC-17 for graphic sex and language
Warnings:Sex in the rain! Also there is oral sex!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!
This is for aprilkat who asked for me to keep going!

The rain pours down...

Orli pulls Elijah's jeans off of his wet, rain slick body. He takes his time sucking, licking, nibbling on his stomach, he moves lower and teases Elijah by dipping his tongue in his navel, causing Elijah to gasp and shiver with desire. Orli moves slowly down Elijah and takes his cock in his mouth, he starts to lick and stroke his head and moves to the sensitive part underneath, running his tongue up and down his cock.

Elijah moans and bucks his hips at the delicious sensation of Orli's wicked mouth, moaning and whimpering for more, he grips Orli's hair, tightly with his hands as he begs him to fuck him.

Orli starts to tease his entrance with his fingers, stretching him open and stimulating his prostate with each stroke of his fingers, driving Elijah mad with desire as he works on making Elijah come. Elijah gasps as he comes and Orli drinks down every delicious drop, swiping his tongue over his sensitive head one more time.

Orli crawls up Elijah's body and plunges hard inside his tight opening. He sets up a steady rhythm to push Elijah and himself over the edge.

Elijah pulls Orli's head down and hungrily kisses him, he sucks his tongue inside his mouth, swirling his tongue over Orli's as Orli runs his hand down Elijah's chest and tugs on his nipple ring. Elijah shivers at the feeling of pain, he wraps his legs around Orli's waist as Orli deeply pounds into him with fast, hard strokes. He pulls all the way out, then slams back inside his body.

Orlando loves the feeling of ownership as he claims Elijah's body. He comes deep inside of him. Orlando takes him in his arms and kisses him, softly, tenderly on the lips.

Neither notice that the rain has stopped.

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