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Domlijah drabble

Title:Pulling Me Under
Rating:Hard R for language
Word Count:100
Warnings:Hotness between these two.
Disclaimer:They did this and told me so in detail... LOL oh that was a dream of mine!
betaed by no one sorry for any mistakes!

"I'm yours forever,Dom" I manage to promise.

"Yes,always mine" rasps Dom.

Your kiss deepens as the feeling of desire washes over me,drowning,pulling me under.
I love the feel of you pinning my wrists down, helpless I pretend to struggle.
The need for you courses through my body,I adore the feeling of your weight,pressing me down.

"Fuck me" I whisper as my mind shuts down, the blood boils in my veins.
"Soon love" you whisper. "I'm going to make you scream my name
all night."
Tags: dom/lijah

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