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Harry/Draco drabbles

Title:Plunged Into Darkness
Challenge:Prudence for dracoharry100:
Word Count:100x3
Rating:R for language!
Summary:Draco and Harry are engaged then tragedy happens. Harry shows just how stubborn he can be.
Warnings:Angst with tears...My poor Draco :(
betaed by no one so sorry for any mistakes...

"I'm glad you explained things to me ..nurse Prudence" sighed Harry. He walked into the dim,semi dark room and watched Draco sit and blankly stare out of the window into the night sky.

"Draco..." whispered Harry.

"Don't Harry just don't...there's nothing you can do."

"Look at me please Draco"

"What in the hell for...I'm nothing now...useless."

"Bloody hell Draco...don't say that"

"I'm fucking blind...I'll never see again" Draco's voice cracked as his dull, Grey eyes filled with un-shed tears.

Harry felt his stomach muscles tighten "I'll never leave you."

Tears fell down Draco's cheeks


Harry suddenly felt his legs threaten to buckle under him. He slowly walked over to Draco and sat down across from him. He took Draco's pale hand in his as he gazed at his fiance. "Listen to me love...I don't care what you say. Nurse Prudence said with time."

"No, can do so much better than me." Draco sucked in and tried to pull his hand away."

Harry tightened his grip and reached his other hand out to gently wipe Draco's tears off of his cheeks. He slowly ran his thumb over Draco's full bottom lip.


"You still love me."

"I'll always love you you git" replied Harry. "Our wedding will still take place in a few months. "We won't cancel our plans."

Draco reached out his other hand as he slowly touched Harry's eyebrows,forehead and down to his mouth. "You are so beautiful Harry..I'll never see you again."

"You will with your hands instead of your eyes."

"Mm-mm.. true"

Harry leaned over and pressed his mouth to Draco's as he felt Draco tremble and groan deep in his throat.

Draco surrendered to Harry's words and kiss.

Nurse Prudence quickly walked out of the room.
Tags: harry/draco, prudence

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