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Harry/Draco fic

Title:20 years Together
Warnings:Kissing and Dancing between to beautiful wizards...
Challenge:This is for sisika who wants me too write something with cheesy 80's pop music, colorful streamers and village hall in it sorry it's so late. *hugs* I also threw in a song I like in here. "I want to kiss you all over" by Exile. No offense intended to the Flock of Seagulls. :D
betaed by the fantastic mae_linda Thanks! This is a repost from awile ago....

Draco gives Harry a warm, loving smile as he looks around the Village hall that is filled with colorful red streamers. 'It's so pretty and festive' he thinks as he reaches over to hold Harry's hand and intertwine his fingers with his. Draco leans over and whispers "I love you more than ever, even after 20 years since we married." He kisses his cheek and the side of his mouth tenderly, reverently.

Harry leans into him and whispers back, "I love you too and I can't wait to get you home and make love all night long." Harry darts his tongue out and licks his sensitive inner ear, feeling Draco shiver as he does it and making Harry’s slacks start to tighten uncomfortably.

"Harry" Draco hisses “You are killing me and we've only been here two hours."

"I can't help it you look bloody brilliant in a tux and I can't wait to peel it off of you slowly and kiss, lick and suck every inch of your body."

"Think anyone will miss us if we leave now?"

Draco grabs Harry's hair and pulls him in to snog him senseless, their mouths pressed together and their tongues rub together, causing them both to shiver with desire, lust and need rising inside them.

"Hey, guys" Hermione says as she walks up to them and smiles "Ron and I have a bet going on how long you both will stay here at your party tonight and I would like to win this one so if you both could dance a few more songs and then go I would win and Ron would loose and be in my power." She gives them both a sly wink.

Harry smirks at Hermione "I'd love to help you out but I'm so sick of all this cheesy 80's pop they've been playing I'm about ready to leave. Harry cringes as he hears himself start to sing "I ran I ran so far away, couldn't get away." "I'd much rather go home and have Draco shag me through the floor, mattress or wall. Besides we can’t stay here much longer, my ears are bleeding."

"Well, no worries Harry, I asked them to play your guys favorite song."

"Mm-mm," Draco moans as “I want to kiss you all over" by Exile starts blaring through the sound speakers.

"Brilliant Mione we'll dance to it then go home and shag our brains out. Talk to you tomorrow Herm" Draco says as he leans over and kisses her on the check as he passes by on his way to the dance floor.

Harry pulls him close to his body and presses his hips into his as they sway on the dance floor. Harry's hands start to run slowly up and down the expensive butter soft black fabric of Draco's tux as they start to press even closer than before. "I want to kiss you all over and over again” he sings seductively in Draco's ear feeling his slender body shiver at the sensation of his breath and the words of the song itself.

Draco presses kisses to his face and eyelids as Harry continues to softly sing and rub their growing erections together. He presses his mouth to Harry's sensitive tan throat and starts to kiss and nibble on him while softly moaning, causing Harry to growl and move his hands further down to cup his arse with both hands. Draco sings in Harry's ear “Show me, show me everything you do cause baby no one does it quite like you, I love you, need you babe."

Harry grinds his hips hard against Draco's and manages to growl out "I'm not waiting any longer to take you home. I don't care whether Mione looses the bet or not." Harry whispers. ”Hold on to me tight." They both Disapparate as the song keeps on playing.

Part Two
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