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H/D drabble

Title:Draco's Birthday
Challenge: harrylovesdraco Challenge #6...challenges09’.This month's challenge is Draco's birthday and green
Warnings: None
Word Count:100
Disclaimer:I can't say I own them *pouts*
Betaed by no one so mistakes are mine...

This is for brissygirl I love your sweet and wonderful comments for me. Your the best!

Draco eagerly ripped open the bright green wrapping paper. "I can't wait to see what you got me for my birthday. Oh wow... Harry" he began as tears filled his dark Grey eyes and started to slowly leak out.

Harry got down on his knees and looked up at Draco,"I adore you and I need you with me forever...Will you marry me?"

Draco smiled and leaned down to softly press his lips to Harry's in a tender,loving kiss. "Merlin..I'll marry you love" whispered Draco as he ran his tongue over Harry's soft lips tasting,devouring him completely.
Tags: harry/draco

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