lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Join Me?
Word Count:100
Disclaimer:I wish to own them but it doesn't make it happen :(
betaed by no one so mistakes are mine.

This was for nursedarry's birthday...Happy birthday she requested any pairing(I picked H/D) and Quidditch and I have Draco flying. :)

Harry felt the heat flare in his body as he watched Draco fly on his broom. He felt desire for the other boy burn in his blood. I want to remove the broom and be between his legs. When did he get that sexy? He shook his head to clear out his thoughts and watch Draco fly high above him.

Draco landed and hopped of his broom. He walked toward the showers and winked at Harry "Care to join me Potter?...Or do you just want to watch?" smirked Draco.

Harry quickly ran after Draco "Oh I'll definitely join you."
Tags: harry/draco

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