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Anakin/Draco drabble!

Pairing:Anakin Skywalker/Draco Malfoy crossover
Word Count:100
Disclaimer:I don't own them.
betaed by no one so sorry

This is forcercenightshade Who asked for Anakin Skywalker x Draco Malfoy (Anakin is top ;P) I have them up against a wall...

Anakin pressed Draco against the wall with a wild,dark look in his eyes. He pressed his mouth to Draco's in a hungry kiss as he pinned Draco's wrists above his head "Your mine".

"Yes...fuck" groaned Draco as he pulled away and gasped for breath.

Anakin slowly moved one of his hands down Draco's body. He ran his fingers over Draco's sensitive nipple, feeling him quiver at his touch.

"Damn..." breathed Draco as he pressed his hard erection against Anakin's.

Anakin sucked his way down to the throbbing pulse in Draco's neck. He quickly ripped open Draco's silk shirt.
Tags: anakin/draco

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