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Harry/Scorpius drabble

Title:Earth To Hermione
Harry/Scorpius with Hermione
Word Count:100
Challenge:harryscorp100:Something old,Something New
Warnings:None just fluff
Disclaimer:I just wish I owned these two :)

"Brilliant...we've lost to Hermione" laughed Harry.

Hermione softly sighed and had a far away look in her eyes. "I'm just so happy for you's just brilliant news...Ron has to be your best man Harry. I'll help and you'll need something old and something new. Hermione cupped her chin in her hands and grinned at both men.

"I know you'll help us with all that traditional stuff,Mione" said Scorpius as he grabbed Harry's hand and quickly kissed him on his cheek. "Walk with me down the aisle...Mione.'

Hermione squealed and replied"Of course."
Tags: harry/scorpius

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