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Domlijah drabble!

Word Count:100
Warnings:PWP is that a warning? :)
Disclaimer:I have no idea at all what they do in private!
betaed by no one so be kind.

This is for slashbycaranfin She wanted me to write Domlijah in my porny drabble meme...She wanted a follow up from her The Good Boyfriend story!



Elijah deeply groaned his head thrown back,his blue eyes shut tight as he rode Dom's hard cock. He pulled almost all the way off and squeezed his inner muscles as he slowly pushed all the way back down.

"Fuuuuck.." hissed Dom as his head thrashed back and forth his hips pushed upward off the floor,lifting Elijah.

"God...yes..fuck Dom" screamed Elijah as he picked up a faster,harder pace.

Dom wrapped his hand around Elijah's hard leaking cock. He felt it pulse and throb in his hand.
Tags: dom/lijah

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