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Fanfiction meme :)

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Fanfiction Meme
-Pick a Fandom, or even numerous Fandoms and answer these Questions.

Fandom: LOTR RPS- Domlijah and HP Harry/Draco

1. Who is the author or fic that got you into Fanfiction?
For Domlijah it was salwood and her World trip story after that I looked through her journal and started to read more and more of this pairing I could'nt ever get enough of them and it's the same with Harry/Draco I can't ever get enough. I just don't remember the first thing I read that is this pairing's.

2. Who is the author or fic that got you into your current fandom(s).
Not one person or thing did, I was just super attracted to these particular fandoms, and these pairings. I'd say almost everything I read in the Domlijah and HP fandom just made my love for it and its fanfiction grow. I hunted stories down like there was a million dollars on the line. Sheez.

3. Are there any author's you inspire to be like? Why?
Yes, but I will only name a few.
saura_: Love her way of writing, and her epic stories. I can't tell you how many hours I've sat in front of the computer reading them. They always melt my heart with their love, and how the characters are written so beautifully (not to mention how IN character they are the entire time.) I wantwantwant to make people feel about my stories, the way she has made me feel towards her's.

cat_luvs_guysx2She was one of the first besides Sal,saura and skikesweetgirl that made me feel for her characters and cry over what's going on she writes so you feel that it's all happening in real life. In Anum cara it ripped me to pieces as I read it I felt their pain and joy.

spikessweetgirl : Oh spike's fics were some of the first I read in the fandom. Not surprising at all they are all epic fics that I could read and be satisfied with when they finished. She takes things to the next level. From her, I hope to learn how to take things to their next level as well.

faithwood: I'm in awe of her and her H/D writing talent she's the best of the best. I always look forward to reading anything she writes she's just brilliant.

oldenuf2nb:Are their even words that can describe how amazing and wonderful her H/D stories are she's makes me feel so much when reading them my gut tightens up in knots during some of her stories and I barely remember to breath during the beautiful sex scenes.
-All these women I can read their tales over and over and still have strong feelings over come me. I'm so attracted to epic relationship fics, its not even funny.

hogwartsvixxen:She's something else she can write any pairing and write it so well and hot if it's Domlijah or HP it's so good you never want it to end. And her sex between the characters can set you on fire.

Actually there are so many others I could name on my flist that are brilliant authors:enchanted_jae summershobbit roelliej slashpervert fienchencara_deejulchen11 for her amazing poetry!

4. If there anything about the fanfction in your fandom you would change?
More writers for Domlijah. :) LOL

5. What is your favorite thing about this fandom's fanfiction?
Honestly, I enjoy how it seems everything I read in this fandom is good. I don't think i've ever read a terrible (Oh shot me, did Elijah just cut his wrist and Dom just decalre love with no reasonable explaination) story. I've only found beautiful descriptions, and loving (sometimes not so loving) tales that have made me sigh in happiness. Thanks Domlijah and HP Fandoms.

6. If you are a fanfiction writer, what do you know you need to work on?
Oh, lots of things. For one, I need to work on how my work flows, and overall how I write. I realize I'm no where NEAR as good as some other authors, but I'll work hard until people can look up to me the way I do them. I like it when people give critcal (and nice) reviews for more stories, and I'm sure others would like me to do the same. Always looking to improve means, I need people to tell me what I can improve on. :)

7. Any last words you want to say about fanfiction. This could mean your fanfiction, other people's fanfiction, or anything else this Meme did not cover.
Pretty sure this Meme has done everything for me. Can't think of anything-

-- Do this meme XD
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