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Dom/Elijah/Billy drabble

Title:Room For Two?
Warnings:Sexy men doing sexy things with each other:Threesome ;)
Disclaimer:I'm not saying they ever did this...
betaed by no one sorry..

This is for glamoursnipe Who asked for Dom's giving Elijah a vigorous blow job; Billy asks, "Room for two down there?"

Dom hollows his cheeks as he sucks harder on Elijah's hard,leaking cock. Dom pauses to run his tongue slowly up underneath and around the sensitive top of his cock as he flicks his tongue inside the slit.

"Oh...God...Dom" gasped Elijah as he pushed his hips up off the floor.

Dom pins his hips to the floor so he wouldn't choke. As his hand joins his lips and moves up and down Elijah's prick.

Billy crawls over to Elijah and starts to deeply kiss him his tongue sliding into Elijah's mouth,tasting him. Billy lifts up and asks,"Room for two down there?"
Tags: elijah/dom/billy
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