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Orlijah drabble

Title:You Look Stunning Part Three
Word Count:100
Challenge:Orlijah_month:Drabble and First time kissing! :)
Disclaimer:They only did this in my mind...
Warnings:None but they both want each other so they go home together!
betaed by no one so be kind...

Elijah grabbed Orli's belt and pulled him into his dark bedroom. He kicked the door shut with his foot as he wrapped his fingers through Orlando's silky hair. His mouth opened wider as their tongues dueled for dominance. "I...want...need you so badly" gasped Elijah as he pulled his swollen,red lips away from Orlando's.

"God...yes" moaned Orlando as he ripped his shirt off over his head and pushed Elijah onto the messy bed.

Elijah looked up at Orlando and winked before he ripped his own shirt off, laid back and demanded,"Get on top of me now."


Link to Part Two and One
Tags: orlijah month

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