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Sam/Frodo drabble

Title:Frodo's Rescuer
Frodo/Grima Wormtongue, Frodo/Sam (Who is a brave rescuer)
Word Count:262
Rating:PG for kissing(Forced and not forced)
Warnings:Look at the first pairing LOL Also character death not Frodo's or Sam's.
Disclaimer:I don't own them at all :)
betaed by no one so mistakes are mine...

This is for asnowyowl who said I'd never write these two as a pairing in my challenge meme. Sorry sweetie I had to have a happy romantic ending with Sam and Frodo. I think the pairing of Frodo/Grima scared me so much I had to make it Sam/Frodo *g*

Frodo woke up and looked around the dark,damp grey room he was in and pulled on his tight,uncomfortable bindings. "Brilliant...What happened to me?" he thought as he tried to remember earlier today. His eyes futilely tried to adjust to the gloominess of his surroundings.

The door quickly opened with a loud creak as Grima walked into the room his black robe billowing out around him. He took his time undressing as he grinned evilly at Frodo, his black eyes caressed all over Frodo's slim,nude body. "Well...I can't wait to have you my gorgeous hobbit" whispered Grima as he approached him on the bed. He stopped and started to lightly run his fingers down Frodo's pale face and throat as he licked his lips. "You look beautiful,Frodo" he growled low in his throat. He sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned over as he pressed his mouth to Frodo's.

Frodo moved his head away,"No...please don't"

Grima held his head to keep him from being able to move. As he kissed Frodo again the door burst open causing Grima to stop and look over his shoulder at the intruder.

"Get away from him now" demanded Sam as he rushed toward Grima with his sword."

"Sam.."gasped Frodo as his eyes sparkled with joy at seeing his brave rescuer.

Sam ran and pushed his sword through Grima before he could lunge at him.

Grima gasped and fell dead to the floor in a crumbled heap.

"Oh Sam...thank saved my life."

Sam untied Frodo and helped him sit up.

"You rescued me"

"Of coarse master Frodo" replied Sam his face brightened as he looked at Frodo tenderly with love in his expressive eyes.

Frodo leaned over and softly pressed his mouth against Sam's.
Tags: sam/frodo
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