lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Orlijah drabble

Title:You Look Stunning Part Two
Word Count:100
Challenge:Orlijah_month:Drabble and First Dance :)
Disclaimer:They only did this in my mind...
betaed by no one so be kind...

Elijah grinned at Orlando his blue eyes darkened "I'd rather dance...would you?"

Orlando winked at Elijah"Yes" he purred as he stood up and followed Elijah to the near empty dance floor.

Elijah started to grip Orlando's slim hips and to grind up close against him as the pulsing beat throbbed all around them. Elijah sighed and laid his cheek on Orlando's snug white shirt and felt his heartbeat under his ear.

Orlando lightly pressed his lips on Elijah's soft hair as he deeply breathed in his scent.

Elijah looked up, smiled tenderly and asked"Your place or mine?"

Link to Part One
Tags: orlijah month

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