lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Ron/Harry drabble

Title:Let Me Show You Part Two
Challenge:ronharry100:Molly's Recipe
Rating:NC-17 for sex
Word Count:100
Warnings:Pure silly drabble and Harry wears a dress... I'm not sure were this idea came from *g*
Disclaimer:I want to own them but I don't.
betaed by no one so be kind...

It's for hogwartsvixxxen who asked for this...

Ron walked toward Harry with a predatory look in his eyes. He pressed Harry against the counter and started to devour Harry's mouth his tongue slid inside and rubbed against his lovers. Ron ran his fingers through Harry's silky dark hair as he sucked on his tongue.

He lifted Harry on top of the counter and wrapped his legs around his waist. "Mm-mm" groaned Ron as he quickly lifted up the skirt and wrapped his hand around Harry's hard cock. "Very naughty" he breathed in his ear.

Harry groaned as he leaned back "Aren't you glad I followed Molly's recipe?"
Tags: ron/harry

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