lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Scorpius part three

Title:Scorpius's Bedroom Part Three
Word Count:100
Warnings:None but Draco finds out about them.
Disclaimer:I don't own these guys.
betaed by no one so mistakes are mine.

I thought I should continue with this one since a few asked me to *hugs* I had so much angst in the first two I went in a fluffy overload with this one. *g*

Scorpius stopped and slowly looked around their beautiful backyard. He took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

Harry turned and smiled"What do you you like the flowers I planted?"

"Mm-mm...yes more than anything... purple Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers."

"I love you so much Scorpius...I only want to make you happy."

"I love you always make me happy." Scorpius leaned over and tenderly pressed his lips to Harry's in a soft,sweet kiss.

"Marry me love..." whispered Harry.

"Yes, I'll marry you...your making an honest man out of me."

Link to Part Four
Tags: harry/scorpius

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