lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Ron/Harry drabble

Title:I've Only Just Began
Warnings:Light bdsm in their bedroom...
Disclaimer:I only wish I owned these two if I did this would be in one of the books at least ;)
betaed by no one sorry...

Ron smirked as he watched Harry pull on his bindings. Ron slowly crawled up the bed and pressed Harry down into the soft mattress. He pulled an ice cube from his glass and ran it down Harry's throat as his lips followed the wet trail of water.

"Fuck..."groaned Harry as he arched up under Ron.

Ron rubbed the cold ice over Harry's pierced nipple as he flicked his tongue over the cold,hard nub.

"God...Merlin...Fuck" screamed Harry as he pulled hard on the scarves that tied him down. "Want you inside"

"I've only just began."
Tags: ron/harry, scream

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