lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Name meme

I snagged this from mystik_rose

Does my name fit me?


1. Spell out your name vertically
2. Copy and paste what each letter means

A : is a nerd at times
B : has a smile to die for
C : can kick ur butt
D : great friend
E : has beautiful eyes
F : wild and crazy
H : likes someone
I : best boyfriend or girlfriend
J : is really sweet
K : gorgeous
L : a good kisser
M : can be funny and dumb at times
N : easy to fall in love with
O : has one of the best personalities ever
P : popular with all types of people
Q : nice butt
R : gives good hugs
S : very open minded
T : makes people laugh
U : is loved by everyone
V : not judgmental
W : very romantic
X : never let people tell you what to do
Y : very hot
Z : makes dating fun

My real name

A is a nerd at times
M can be funny and dumb at times
Y very hot

My lj name

l a good kisser
i best boyfriend or girlfriend
j is really sweet
a is a nerd at times
h likes someone
l a good kisser
o has one of the best personalities ever
v not judgmental
e has beautiful eyes
r gives good hugs
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