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I'm sweet are you guys shocked? LOL!

Your result for The OkCupid Kissing Test...

The Girlfriend

You are 56% Passionate, 47% Romantic, and 47% Experienced!

Sweet Kisses, Sweet Girl.

So you're The Girlfriend. We call you that not because you're necessarily someone's girlfriend right now, but because you're the ideal girlfriend to smooch when you ARE hooked up. You've got high ratings for both Romance (47%) and Passion (47%). ) and you're experienced enough to be a sensitive and sexy kisser without being SO experienced it turns potential partners off.

You can be super-girly, and you appreciate some of the gestures of traditional romance. But you're also more than ready for a deep, steamy makeout session with a hottie you dig. You don't like to play games, and you're generous with both your affection and your lust. You like to get to know your makeout partner over time, and you pride yourself on being able to provide what they need. In short, you're hard-wired for kissing people you care about, and the depth of your experience is going to prove more valuable than breadth in the long run.

The Boyfriend (or, hey, The Girlfriend) and The Real Deal are the best matches to your superb smooching skills. If you just want a great makeout, you might try The Vixen or The Rogue. They're suitable matches on the passion scale, but they're lacking in the kind of romance you crave, so don't say we didn't warn you if they love you and leave you. (They can't help it... they're just sort of like that.)

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