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Harry/Scorpius oneshot

Title:In The Classroom
Challenge:ADWT:VDQ of Dark,Secret Love
Warnings:Professor/Student and spanking,rimming also sex on a desk. If you don't like the idea of it don't read it. Scorpius is of age.
Disclaimer:I just wish I owned them. I don't *sighs*
betaed by ismenin*hugs*

This is for hogwartsvixxxen Who requested this I hope you like it hun *hugs*

Harry stopped what he was doing, and quickly turned round, his black robe billowing about him. He narrowed his eyes which were fixed on two smirking Slytherins.

"Right, you two...I have told you before about whispering during tests." Harry tried not to stare at Scorpius as he sucked on the tip of his pen, his tongue pressed onto the tip. Harry felt his trousers start to tighten as his mind went into the gutter. He thought of him as his dark, secret love.

Scorpius evilly winked at him, his grey eyes sparkled with laughter.
The bell rang, and Harry snapped out, "Stay after class Scorpius - I need to talk to you."
When they were alone, Harry walked over to the younger man. His eyes took in the beautiful, almost innocent-looking expression on Scorpius's face. "Less of the innocent look - you're not fooling me. I've been on to you ever since I caught you cheating on the last test...I don't know why I didn't tell your father."

Scorpius sighed dramatically, and replied "I'm rubbish at potions, and my father was brilliant. He would have killed me if he guessed I was terrible at anything."

Harry sighed deeply. "He'll find out someday, if you don't get better and start studying."

Scorpius stood up and leaned close to Harry, his body brushed against Harry's as he whispered, "I'm just a naughty need to punish me, professor."

Harry took a step back and was grateful for his billowing robe. "I'm the head of your Slytherin house, and your potions professor - what do you think you're doing?"

"I no how much you want me," hissed Scorpius. "As much as I want you."

Harry locked the door with a spell, and pulled Scorpius to him. Their mouths were glued together as he walked him backward to the desk. Harry's mouth ravished Scorpius's, hot and possessive, as his tongue twined with Scorpius's own, and his hands ran down his arms. "You've been naughty, and deserve a spanking," he growled roughly.

"Merlin - yes, spank me, professor," begged Scorpius.

Harry whispered a spell that brought the paddle to him, and demanded, "turn round."

Scorpius quickly obeyed, breathing shallowly as he ripped his robe off.

Harry pulled Scorpius's trousers down as his robe hit the floor in a pool around his feet. Harry spanked Scorpius with his paddle over and over again, biting back his groans.

Scorpius drooped his head down, and bit his lip to keep from screaming.

Harry suddenly stopped and spelled the rest of their clothes off, and dropped to his knees. He kissed first one then the other rosy arse cheek. Harry spread Scorpius open and started to lick around the rim, and pressed his tongue all the way inside and fucked him with his tongue. Harry loved the taste of Scorpius.

"Merlin - fuck - yes, Professor" screamed Scorpius. He gripped his hands into the wood desk, as he pushed back on Harry's tongue.
Harry reluctantly pulled away, and stood up he pressed two fingers inside, and stretched Scorpius open. Harry sucked on Scorpius's neck, feeling him shiver under his lips.

"I need you so badly," whispered Harry.

"I need you too, so much,"panted Scorpius. "I need you inside!"

Harry shoved inside, and felt his lovers inner muscles clench around his cock. He started a brutal rhythm, and snapped his hips deep inside, as the desk shook from the force of his thrusts, knocking papers everywhere. Harry wrapped his hand around Scorpius's hard cock, and with a few strokes, Scorpius came in his hand.

Scorpius pulled Harry's hand up, and licked the come off it, causing Harry to gasp, and orgasm deep inside his body.

Harry cleaned them both up, and replied "I need to have you again - once won't be enough."

"This isn't going to be a one off, professor. I'm head boy, and I can go where others dare not; I'll come to you at midnight."

Harry quickly kissed Scorpius's lush, red mouth once more, before he unlocked the doors.

Midnight could not come soon enough for him.
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