lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Happy birthday :)

Have a fantastic birthday cara_dee

happy b-day glitters

D/E Valentine banner by summershobbit


I just adore this picture of them*hugs*

Smaller picture

This is the most recent of them. I wish Dom had more hair though!

The three hobbits

The banners are by summershobbit

This drabble is graphic porn and not writen by me but I thought it might warm you up hogwartsvixxenwrote it and she was a Harry/Draco friend and I helped her see how hot D/E can be :) Enjoy!!!

Just a little something for you. Unbeta'd

Elijah was on edge. Jason always did that to him. Why did he watch these movies without Dom.

Suddenly the lights went out. He heard someone behind him. A cold hand clamped down on his mouth while the other fumbled with his belt.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and make you scream,” the voice growled.

Elijah was pushed against the wall, his legs kicked apart, as a slick cock pushed into him. A strong hand held Elijah wrists above head while another gripped his cock.

The voice panted, “I l-love playing these games Elijah”

“-F Fuck make me scream Dom!”
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