lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,


Title:Valentines Day
Word Count:316
Rating:NC-17 for sex and language
Warnings:rimming,HOT men doing HOT things to each other
Summary:Draco gives Harry an unforgettable Valentines Day
Challenge:This is for enchanted_jae's challenge to write something with roses in it. I hope you like it.:)
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!

"Harry," breaths Draco as he pulls him tight against his hard body. Harry's thighs tighten around Draco's leg and he rocks forward, pressing his erection into Draco's body. Draco and Harry fall on their bed covered with rose petals.

Draco's eyes are burning with fire for Harry as he whispers a spell and their clothes disappear. Draco takes Harry's lips and sucks his tongue into his mouth, causing Harry to moan and writhe under him.

Harry grips Draco's arse and pushes upward to grind their erections against each other. He rotates his hips, causing Draco to growl with need and desire for him.

Draco moves slowly down Harry's body, licking and sucking every inch of his skin. He nips on his inner thighs, teasing Harry, before he takes him in his mouth. His tongue swirls around Harry's cock, as Harry pushes upward deep into Draco's throat. "I'm going to come soon," gasps Harry as he comes in his mouth, Draco drinks every last drop.

Draco flips him over and runs his tongue down Harry's spine, sucking on his back. Draco grips Harry's arse, opening him, then thrusts his tongue deep inside, Harry's flavor is delicious and intoxicating.

"Draco," moans Harry, "I need you to fucking make love to me now."

Draco slowly moves up Harry's body, tormenting him with his tongue. Draco plunges inside Harry's loosened opening, he starts to make love to him with a steady rhythm.

Harry reaches up his arms and pulls Draco's head down so he is able to lick and kiss his lips. Harry starts to push back against Draco. "Come inside me Draco." Harry pleads.

Draco pumps fast against Harry, he knows he will come soon, all to quickly he explodes inside Harry. Draco falls next to Harry on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Happy valentines day baby," gasps Draco.

"Happy valentines day sweetheart," whispers Harry. "Thanks for the roses."

Tags: harry/draco, lijahlover

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