lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco Challenge

Title:Everything to me
Word Count:100
Warnings:Pure sugar overload for Valentines
Summary:Harry and Draco are on their honeymoon!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!
Also written for Slythindor100's Special Valentines Day challenge #3 of two gold rings.
Also forenchanted_jae's prompt of "I love you more than_"

Harry stands on the beach with Draco, looking down at their entwined hands with the two shinny gold rings,symbolizing their wedding yesterday. Harry looks deep into Draco's silver eyes, he leans over to place a kiss on Draco's tempting mouth. They deepen the kiss, their tongues thrusting, playfully with each others. Moaning Harry pulls back and say's,"I love you, more than my life. You're everything to me."

Draco smiles and says,"My life is nothing, without you with me." Draco whispers to Harry,"Lets go back to our room."
Harry hugs Draco their hearts beat in perfect harmony.


Tags: harmony, harry/draco, lijahlover

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