lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Lestat/Louis drabble

Title:Burning Need
Rating:Hard R
Word Count:100
Warnings:Vampire hotness
This was for hogwartsvixxen Who wanted these two with blood on a dozen white roses. I changed POV halfway through *sorry*

Lestat and Louis banner-deanandsam

Louis gasped in pleasure and pain as Lestat sank his fangs into his neck he felt the thick blood run down his neck as Lestat pushed him against the wall of their bedroom. Louis ran his hands down Lestat's back to cup his ass.

Lestat suddenly picked him up and pushed him down on their dresser,as he knocked everything off the top the dozen white roses fell to the floor. Lestat opened his eyes slowly and looked at the blood from Louis's neck stain the pure white flowers.

Lestat stopped, he thoroughly licked the wounds to staunch the blood flow.
Tags: lestat/louis, lijahlover
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