lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Scorpius drabble

Title:Harry's Past
Word Count:100
Warnings:Harry shows Scorpius his past and Scorpius has a idea how to cheer them both up.
Disclaimer:I wish I owned them but I unfortunately don't.
betaed by no one so mistakes are all mine.

Scorpius blinked back tears as the pensive disappeared from his view. "Damn....Harry,How did you get to be who you are today when you had such a nasty childhood?"

Harry looked up into Scorpius's concerned eyes and replied"I keep it separate somehow...I refuse to let it drag me down" he paused then asked "Are you okay now that you know everything?"

" I'm okay" he leaned over and pressed his mouth to Harry's. He nibbled on Harry's jawline and climbed into his lap. Scorpius chuckled and said"I have a brilliant idea lover."

"Mm-mm...bed now"
Tags: harry/scorpius, lijahlover, pensive

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