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Elijah/Dom Part Two

Title:In The Dead Of Night Part Two
Rating:NC-17 for language and sex
Warnings:AU Vampire sequel...This is for hogwartsvixxenand a few others who asked for another part.
betaed by the wonderfulmews1945

Porn for Valentines

Elijah greedily drinks down Dom's life blood, feeling the warmth race through his cold body, warming him up from the inside. He draws Dom closer to him, but then reluctantly pulls away. He runs his tongue over the puncture wounds on Dom's throat, closing them. Elijah scrapes his fangs over his pale wrist drawing a line of blood, then presses it to Dom's mouth.

Dom starts to suck on Elijah's wrist as hard and fast as he can, loving the warmth of it as it works it way down through his body. The blood starts to make him feel powerful yet light headed at the same time.

Elijah pulls his wrist away from Dom's red stained lips as Dom collapses in his arms, suddenly fainting. Elijah holds on tight as he runs to his moonlit room, gently laying Dom down on the black silk sheets. He caresses Dom's cooling skin, running his fingers over Dom's forehead and cheek bones. He pauses to rub the pad of his thumb over Dom's parted lips.

Dom gasps suddenly, causing Elijah to startle. Dom moans at the change Elijah's vampire blood is causing inside him as it courses through his body. He lightly runs his tongue over his sharp fangs.

Elijah combs his fingers through Dom's hair, loving the softness of it

Dom grips Elijah's slim wrist and pulls him down hard on top of him. He presses his mouth up against Elijah's, tasting,devouring him.

Elijah growls low in his throat and leans into Dom to deepen their kiss. He slides his tongue over Dom's and up into the roof of his mouth.

Dom whimpers with lust and need warring inside him as Elijah's mouth takes him like he wants Elijah's body to take him...wholly and completely. Dom pulls back and gasps "Fuck me please...Elijah."

Elijah strips his and Dom's clothes off and starts to kiss and suck on Dom's chest, drawing Dom's nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around each nub.

"Yes" gasps Dom arching underneath Elijah rubbing their hard cocks together.

Elijah shudders at the sensation of Dom's writhing body under his. Elijah grabs the lube and lubes his fingers up to stretch Dom's tight hole open, scissoring his fingers deep inside. He feels Dom's tightness start to slowly loosen as he works his way deeper inside. Elijah reaches and lubes his cock liberally.

"Are you ready...Dom?" he pants.

"Fuck.....yes ...take me now"

Elijah slides inside Dom as Dom arches his neck and deeply groans. Elijah licks Dom's neck, tasting his salty skin. Elijah thrusts himself deep inside Dom's body taking him with his hips hard and fast.

Dom reaches up to keep his head from slamming into the headboard as Elijah's thrusts pick up more speed, pounding into him almost brutally.

"Fuck...yes....ride me" screamed Dom digging his nails into Elijah's back.

Elijah closes his eyes and continues to ride Dom. He moans as he feels Dom's inner walls clench tightly around him as he thrusts. Elijah reaches down and grips Dom's cock and all too quickly Dom comes in his hand.

Elijah manages to growl out, "I'm coming....fuck" and fills Dom completly with his orgasm. Elijah pants and collapses on top of Dom pressing them down into the soft mattress.

"Mm-mm...that was brilliant."

"Yes...we need to do this again...very soon," agrees Elijah grinning.

Dom smirks. "Next time I get to top."

The End

Link to the first partPart One
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