lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Draco's Offering
Challenge:dracoharry100 Kindness
Word Count:100
Rating:NC-17 for sex and language
Warnings:Sex between two gorgeous wizards. Top Harry,bottom demanding Draco.
Disclaimer:I do not own them and I wish I did because they would be doing this in the epilogue. *g*
Beated by no one all mistakes are mine.

I'm reposting this in case anyone missed this before and would like to enjoy the hotness...

Porn for Valentines

Harry pressed into Draco's tight,loosened opening. "Damn you are so tight" moaned Harry as he felt Draco's inner walls clench around his cock.

"Merlin..Harry...God yes" groaned Draco pressing up into Harry's body offering himself to him.

Harry thrust all the way inside and started a fast rhythm pounding hard into Draco.

"Fuck" hissed Draco. "Fuck me through the mattress"

"Mm-mm" moaned Harry as he snapped his hips harder than before, pressing Draco upward to the headboard. Harry put his hand behind Draco's head to keep from hurting him.

"See where your kindness gets you?" gasped Harry.
Tags: harry/draco, lijahlover

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