lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco Challenge:Drag

Dance with me Part Seven
Word Count:100
Summary:Draco meets an old school rival at a bar and this is what happens after that.
Warnings:None but fluff!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine

This takes place on their one year anniversary...

"Harry, I'm home." Draco calls out as he gets home from work.

Harry walks over and kisses him on the cheek. "I'm glad your home early for our one year anniversary. Harry presses his mouth on Draco's more firmly and they deepen the kiss.

Draco moans and pulls back, reluctantly from Harry. "I have a surprise for you." Draco looks at Harry and smiles tenderly at him. "I love you baby."

"I love you too, so much." replies Harry.

Draco takes Harry by the hand and drags out a ring box. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I'll marry you Draco."

Tags: drag, harry/draco, lijahlover

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