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Beg for more Part Two
Warnings:Sex and language
Summary:Elijah begs for more from Dom
beated by no one all mistakes are mine!
Dedicated to those who asked for more. *HUGS*

Elijah whimpers and begs for more...

Dom licks on Elijah's sensitive stomach, causing Elijah to shiver at the intense sensation of Dom's tongue swirling over his bellybutton and further down his hips, Dom pauses to kiss Elijah's tattoo. He teases Elijah by nipping at his sensitive inner thighs. Dom takes Elijah's cock in his hand and starts to run his tongue and lips over him.

Elijah trusts his hips into Dom's mouth as he grips his short hair. He is almost mindless with the intense pleasure of Dom's mouth working him.

Dom starts to stretch Elijah open with his fingers, he grabs the lube and coats his fingers and cock. Dom needs to be inside of Elijah more than anything, when Elijah's ready he pushes deep inside of Elijah's tight opening. He starts to thrust with fast, powerful strokes.

Elijah is gasping, moaning and begging for more, he rakes his nails down Dom's sweaty back. "Fuck," Elijah gasps. "I love to feel you deep inside of me, fucking me, loving me." "I love you."

"I love you to baby," pants Dom. He takes Elijah in his hand and starts to stroke him, all to soon they both explode.

Dom collapses in exhaustion and pulls Elijah close to him in his arms and kisses his the top of his head. "Move in with me Elijah?" asks Dom. "I need you with me forever."

"God," whispers Elijah. "Yes, I love you, you are my best friend."

Dom softly kisses him and they both fall asleep.

Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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